Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wed. nite update

Well Mckeena is still in the hospital. They turned her oxygen off at 9:00 this morning and she was able to go all day with no oxygen. She only had a few dips were she was below 88. They are going to monitor her over night and hopefully she can go home early morning. Will keep all posted.


Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

Awesome. I hope she gets to go home tomorrow. Thats GREAT news. Amy she's so cute. Let us know. Lots of love

Jeff & Aleigh said...

I hope you're able to go back home tomorrow!!! I cannot get over how much her and Caitlyn look alike, just like twins!! They look so cute together and Caitlyn seems so proud of her baby sister!! :o)

W.Marie said...

I ran into your blog by accident - many prayers for the baby's health from a Marie Werth in Edmonds, Washington.