Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday morning update

Nothing new has changed we are still at the hospital. Did I tell you how much I hate hospitals now. I spent the night up here last night and Mckenna had a bad night. Her Oxygen machine was going off all the time with her oxygen levels in the low 80's which is not good. Yesterday they had her off of the oxygen for 3 hours and she was able to keep it up with no dips then started to have dips again. We are hoping that any day we can go home but so far her levels are not staying up. They are going to try something this afternoon were they have her on oxygen but she will onlt get a whiff of ocygen when her levels start to drop and see if that will help. If she does not start to keep her levels up soon they will have to look into more tests. We just want to go home at this point. The ward we are in is very full right now and just this morning they had code blue called to 2 different rooms and we were told that the little boys did not make it. I am so sick of being up here and being bored and all the sadness. Hopefully we will be able to go home soon!!!! Talk to you later.


Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

what did we ever do with out blogs? what a pretty little girl.....girls. this is Pattie, I am on Ashleys
computer. Its nice to see the kids i used to know grow up even if its not in person. I love the pics of grandpa and grandma with the little one, and its good to see Great Grandpa. Take care.

Jeff & Aleigh said...

I am so sorry you're still in the hospital without any news on what is going on!! I hope they figure that out soon.

Danielle said...

Your baby girl is so beautiful. Please know that your entire family, and especially baby Mckenna, are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.