Sunday, February 22, 2009

For Aunt Lisa

Aunt Lisa wanted to see some pictures of how Caitlyn's hair has grown so far. It has not gotten much longer in back but her bangs are to the point were I need to trim them.

See the mark on caitlyn's cheek. This is after one week. She came running into our bedroom when I was packing Will and myself for our weekend away and tripped and fell hitting her cheek on the dresser drawer I had just opened. I should have taken pictures right away but was more concerned about my baby. She layed on our bed for about 3 hours so I know that it really hurt. Poor baby.

recipe scrapbook

I had been to a couple all day scrapbooking events with mom and kept seen this album and loved it. I finally broke down and bought the supplies to make it. Here is the final result. Now to put some pictures in it.

Hair bows

I decided to make some hairbows for the girls. I love the Gymboree bows but they can get expensive and can't always find one to match an outfit I like. Here are my first 2 attempts.

Birthday supper

Beth had us over for supper on My birthday. Here are a few pics of the evening. Thanks for a great meal Beth.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 54th Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma Marx

Happy 54th Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma Marx. It's so awesome to share a birthday with your Anniversary.

We love you so much. Hope you have many more to come.

Amy, Will, Caitlyn and Mckenna

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Beth

Happy birthday today to my sister Beth.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Weekend

Will and I headed out of town this weekend to Crivitz. It was really nice to get away with out the kids but we did miss them while we were gone. We went to the winter festival with Will's Aunt and Uncle. I did not take an pictures. I didn't feel safe taking my camera with me out on the Ice. It was a fun weekend. Will try to post new pictures of the girls soon. Happy late Valentines to all. Thanks so much to Mom and dad for taking the Girls and to Aunt Beth and Sarah for taking them to Monkey Joe's. They had fun this weekend.

We enrolled Caitlyn in Kindergarten. I am starting to feel really old. My Baby is going to be going to school full time. She is so ready thou so will be really good for her. She is also going to be taking summer school this summer. A preview of kindergarten class. Hope she does well.