Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Children's Museum

We went to the Childrens Museum on Friday. The girls had so much fun that I am thinking of buying a family membership for $100. Hopefully Will can take the Girls on the weekends that I am working nights so that I can get some sleep during the day. We will have to see.

Mckenna eating a orange

Caitlyn's 4th birthday

We had caitlyn's 4th b-day party on March 8th. She had to wear the flowergirl dress from Will's cousin's wedding so I let her because it will not fit her much longer.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

4 year check up

Caitlyn had her 4 year check up today and she is 32 lbs and 36 inches.
She is in 5% for weight and 15% for length.

My baby is getting big.

Will post pics from b-day party when I find my camera cord.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday


Love you. You are getting to be such a big girl.

Love Mom, Dad and Mckenna

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Job

Well I got the official notice that I have been one of 2 people approved to work from home. I will work from 8pm to 6am 8 days on 6 days off. We have to be open 24/7 as per our customers requirements so being that I am the Senior employee in the office I was given first dibbs and after much hemming and hawwing I decidedd to go for it. It will be a big change but will be good for us and 6 days off in a row with no vacation time wasted who wouldn't want that. So I start the 1st of April. The only bad things is that Will has to bulid a office in our basement for me but it will also be a great scrapbooking room for me. Will keep you all up dated on what is going on as I get more details.

Saturday caitlyn is going to be 4 were has all the time gone? I will post pics of the girls soon. Have still been working a lot of overtime so not taking any pictures.