Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thurs. Update

Well we got the best 4th anniverary gift we could get today. Mckenna was able to come home today. We were released from the hospital today around 12pm today. will keep everyone updated on how everthinhg is going.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wed. nite update

Well Mckeena is still in the hospital. They turned her oxygen off at 9:00 this morning and she was able to go all day with no oxygen. She only had a few dips were she was below 88. They are going to monitor her over night and hopefully she can go home early morning. Will keep all posted.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday evening update

Well another couple days gone bye and we are still at the hospital. Mckenna is still the same she is only able to be lowered down to 40% oxygen which is still very high. They have started to do breathing treatments on her before every other feeding. She has to have a mask held over her face for 5 minutes while they push oxygen into her lungs to try and clear and lossen the junk in her lungs up. If that does not work she will be have to receive steroids with that treatment. Hopefully by friday we can go home. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday morning update

Nothing new has changed we are still at the hospital. Did I tell you how much I hate hospitals now. I spent the night up here last night and Mckenna had a bad night. Her Oxygen machine was going off all the time with her oxygen levels in the low 80's which is not good. Yesterday they had her off of the oxygen for 3 hours and she was able to keep it up with no dips then started to have dips again. We are hoping that any day we can go home but so far her levels are not staying up. They are going to try something this afternoon were they have her on oxygen but she will onlt get a whiff of ocygen when her levels start to drop and see if that will help. If she does not start to keep her levels up soon they will have to look into more tests. We just want to go home at this point. The ward we are in is very full right now and just this morning they had code blue called to 2 different rooms and we were told that the little boys did not make it. I am so sick of being up here and being bored and all the sadness. Hopefully we will be able to go home soon!!!! Talk to you later.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thurs. update

Today not much happened. Mckenna did have to have a ultrasound of her Kidney as her urine culture came back with bacteria in it and since she is already on antibotics for her pneumonia they can't do another urine culture. Well the ultrasound came back that no bladder or kidney infection, but they did find extra urine in her kidney which could mean that she will be prone to UTI's. So to rule that out she has to have a test on Wed were they cath her and insert a dye to see if she is peeing the dye out or if it is moving up into her kidney. Hopefully we can go home tomorrow but we will have to see how the rest of her lab cultures come back and her oxygen is still not staying up to 100%.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mckenna Update

We took Mckenna into the ER last night as she was having problems breathing, had a cough and was conjested. After 4 hours of xrays, lab work, spinal tap and cath being inserted they found out that she has pneumonia. They decided to admit her to Theda Clark Childrens hospital into the peds unit. Since we have been there she is looking at possible 48 hours to 10 days stay. She has to keep her oxygen level up to 100% for a while and has only been able to manage up to 95% with oxygen. They are having to suction her nose and mouth out every couple hours to help with her breathing. She is also on antibotics and we have to wait 48 hours to see what turns up with her lab cultures. She has also been tested for RSV which will hopefully be negative. As of right now she is considered in isolation. I will post pics and keep everyone updated. Right now she has all kinds of monitors on under her blankets and has an IV in her head and oxygen in her nose.

Baby Mckenna

Well better late then never to update about this. Mckeena Marie Werth was born on Monday May 14, 2007 at 12:14PM by c-section. She was 7lbs. 6oz. and 20 inches. She has been a very mild mannered baby just like her big sister. She has only been getting up a night one time which mommy loves as it allows me to sleep so that I am able to functions when Caitlyn wakes up.

1st post

We have created this blog to keep everyone in the family updated with pictures of the girls and to let everyone know what is going on.