Friday, May 25, 2007

Thurs. update

Today not much happened. Mckenna did have to have a ultrasound of her Kidney as her urine culture came back with bacteria in it and since she is already on antibotics for her pneumonia they can't do another urine culture. Well the ultrasound came back that no bladder or kidney infection, but they did find extra urine in her kidney which could mean that she will be prone to UTI's. So to rule that out she has to have a test on Wed were they cath her and insert a dye to see if she is peeing the dye out or if it is moving up into her kidney. Hopefully we can go home tomorrow but we will have to see how the rest of her lab cultures come back and her oxygen is still not staying up to 100%.


Jeff & Aleigh said...

Awww!! Poor baby McKenna!! I hope you're able to come home soon!!

Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

Poor thing. Hopefully you get to go home, I think she would be more comfortable. We're thinking about you, keep us posted. Give her hugs for us!