Sunday, September 14, 2008


I am So sick of sick kids. Mckenna had another ear infection labor day weekend. Now this weekend she is running a temp between 103.00 and 103.7. As per the nurse she does not need to be seen today and can wait until tomorrow. I made sure to make the appt for early. She has been sleeping all of maybe 1 1/2 today. She seems to only be able to sleep if I am holding her. Since will has to work tomorrow and I am on vacation till friday night I had him set up the air mattress in the living room and we are camping out on that tonight. I hope that I can get some sleep. So far no luck. On the upside i did get 6 pints of raspberry jam made and froze a gallon of raspberries. Thursday I made 4 loaves of zuchinni bread and shreaded 3 gallon bags and 2 quart bags and Will informed be today that I must have 12 or 15 ready to be picked in the garden. Also made 5 loaves of banana bread and one loaf of sweet hawaiian bread in the bread machine. I hope to scald and peel my tomatos tomorrow so that I can freeze them for chili. I hope I have enough peppers that I can cut some up to put in with the tomoatos and will also add celery. Our garden is starting to produce so much and I have given away so much already. I will just have to keep canning and freezing. Hope our freezer will have enought room. Will try to take some pictures of our items and post them.

Will update late on the doctors appt.