Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Doctor fun x 2

Well we have been home from camping since late saturday night. Sunday Caitlyn started running a fever. Monday still had and on Tuesday we had tickets to go to Great America. Even thou she was still running a fever she was not complaining of anything being wrong so I took tylenol and we still went. Well she had fun but you could tell that her heart was just not into it. So today I took her into the doctor because I thought was still to long to be having temp up to 102.9. Well no suprise she also has double full blown ear infections. Not sure what is going on. Neither of my kids have every had ear infections before and within a week of each other they both get them. Here's to hoping that meds work.

Looking forward to July 18th. Will and I will get 2 nights away from the kids. Can't wait. Will be some much needed time away as both are very whiney and clingy right now.