Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tuesday May 27th

We went to Bay Beach on Tuesday since I had taken Tuesday off of work after getting back from out of town. Caitlyn and Grandma on the Train.

Boat ride

racecars and airplane

Caitlyn and Grandma on the Ferris Wheel. Mommy and grandma are both afraid of the ferris wheel. Grandma was brave enough to go with Caitlyn but Mommy was still too afraid. That will be Daddy and Grandpa's job from now on. As soon as Grandma got off she wanted to know what she was thinking when she agreeed to go on.

The girls on the ladybugs

Caitlyn and Mckenna on the train. Mckenna was having a great time till she was told to stay sitting down and then she decided to throw a fit and was trying to push Caitlyn out of the train, she only suceeded in pushing herself down behind Caitlyn's back. Kids!

Caitlyn on the Merry Go Round (wasn't to sure about riding a animal that moved.)


Jeremy & Lisa said...

Mom told me all about the little stinker that McKenna was. Would have like to have been there and seen it. We'll have to go sometime when I'm back and I'll go on the ferris wheel with Caitlyn! We'll just have to make sure it's not as cold as the day you went! Brrrrrr....