Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Long Time

Sorry that I have not posted in awhile. We have been busy. This coming weekend will be the first weekend that we have nothing planned since I returned to Work. I can't wait until I can relax. Wait Mom just told me that we are invited over Saturday night for a potluck for Elaine Marx and her husband. We will have to see. Caitlyn is coming down with a Cold and I want to keep her from getting Mckeena sick. Caitlyn also has to start feeling better before the 24th because we have 8 days until she is in the Wedding. can't wait she will be so cute, just hope taht she will cooperate infront of everyone. Mckenna has be rolling over for the last 3 weeks. Back to front and Front to back. If you put her on the floor she will push with her feet an after awhile has made some progress acrossed the floor. Help me she will be crawling in no time. She has also been holding her head up on her own for at least a month. I don't remember Caitlyn doing all these things this early. She is finally starting to fill out also. My baby is growing to fast. We are thinking about having another child, But I want to wait until next year to get pregnant again. Mom and Will say why wait. For one who will watch 3 kids that is to much for Mom. Second my body can't handle it yet. I am still having problems with my incision from the c-section. I was just in yesterday and had it looked at as when it is touched it hurts. Doctor is saying that is the nerve endings growing back. So for now we will wait to have another child. Will and I are now both donating plasma. The money is nice but I don't have anytime to do anything on Monday or Wednesday nights when we both go. Well I better go for now. I will try to post pictures of the girls tonight when I get home from work. I also have their pictures we had taken back so will try to post those also. Better go have to get back to work.


Russell said...

Can't wait to see my little neices again. Will you be coming to Marion at all? I sure would love to see them. I fly in Wed. and leave Sun. afternoon.