Sunday, June 24, 2007

bay beach

Caitlyn is going to be the flowergirl in Will 's cousin's wedding in August. We went yesterday to find her a dress. She is so small that none of the 2T dress fit her so we will have to have the dress fitted. She had so much fun trying on dress and thinks that it is her princess dress. Well the 1st two pictures are the dress that they decided to go with and it will have a sheer burnt orange color sash with a bow instead of the white sash. Can't wait to see how she does in the wedding.

Before I had Mckenna we had some baby ducks that were in the courtyard at work. They had no way to get to water and were starting to die, so some of the ladies at work caught the duck and I brought them out to dad's. These 2 are the only ones the lived. On Friday dad let them go on his pond. They had turned into pets for Caitlyn so hopefully they will stay.

We went to Bay Beach on wednesday with the girls. Caitlyn had so much fun. We will be going again this summer.


Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

Caitlyn will do great in the wedding. The dresses are so beautiful! She also looks like she had great time at Bay Beach. I forgot all about that place, We will have to take Alexus there when she gets a little bigger. :D Amy, she's so beautiful! I do see a lot of her mommy in her.

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Caitlyn makes an adorable flower girl! I LOVE the 3rd dress down (4th picture), but they're all adorable!! :o) It looks like she really enjoyed Bay Beach also!! And how neat about the ducks!! I hope they stick around too!! :o)

Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

I wanna see some pictures of you too AMY! :D